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Latest News & Events

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NZ Sewing Resurces

Not sure where to get started, or looking for some new inspiration? We’ve created a list of sewing resources based in NZ for everything you could need, fabric stores, sewing lessons and more.

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Keep up to date with New Zealand sewing news, events, local sewing updates and sewing special offers


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NZ Sews - for all things sewing in new zealand

About NZ Sews

If you didn’t work it out already, we are all about sewing, in New Zealand! NZ Sews has been created as a hub for all home sewists and dressmakers, all levels, ages, all in New Zealand

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Popular Resources

Popular Resources

New Zealand Fabric Stores

NZ Pattern Companies

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A Message From Our Editor

“Hi there!

NZ Sews has been created as a hub for homesewers and dressmakers in New Zealand.

We’ve gathered together resources, NZ based sewing companies and of course all you wonderful sewers in the hope that we can together support our thriving sewing community in Aotearoa, welcoming and supporting new sewers as we go.

I hope you find the site useful, please get in touch if you have thoughts, ideas or an event to share!

Happy Sewing”

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